We are all immigrants in this world

Cooperative Society since 2007. We offer services to immigrants living in USA like free Medical Care, Doctors and Medicine, Loans, Saving and Life & Legal Insurance for their family in Mexico.

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About us

We are a social tech company, legally constituted as a cooperative society, integrated by a group of professionals who have added experiences, knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the migrant community, providing goods and services to achieve peace, harmony and abundance.

The backbone of our daily work is mercy and justice.


To have all the technological tools and strategic alliances that can generate an ecosystem that will have a real impact on people's lives.

Our mission is to socially change the paradigm from the exploitation of man by man, to the development of man with man.

Abraham's Services

Bridge between families

Bridge between families

We facilitate reunions by processing tourist visas, uniting loved ones divided by borders. Each visa represents love and hope, connecting families in Mexico and the United States.

Migratory Regularization

Migratory Regularization

We provide migrants in the United States with a dignified path towards immigration regularization, freeing them from fear, persecution, and abuse.

Debit Card by Mastercard

Debit Card by Mastercard

We provide migrants with a unique Mastercard, designed to empower them financially. With it, they can send remittances without fees, making payments in stores and online with complete freedom.


Receive free medical care, surgeries, medicine and doctors

Abraham's Hand provides medicine, medical service, hospital, surgeries and doctors to help you and your family in Mexico, TOTALLY FREE as a Member.

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Get access to loans

Abraham's Hand provides loans to emigrant family in Mexico. We help our clients in Mexico receive the financial assistance they need. For vacations, house, car, education, business, etc.

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"Abraham's Hand has been a great help to my family. We are thankful for the services they provide."

Tim Gomez image
Tim Gomez(New York)

"Abraham's Hand provided us with the assistance we needed for my family in Mexico."

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Victoria Mtnz (San Antonio ,Texas)

"My das has his diálysis treatment totally free thanks to abraham´s hand"

Tim Gomez image
Sue Mendez(Los Ángeles, California )

"My family could buy New car thank to abrahams hand"

Tim Gomez image
Alice Riley(Arizona)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the services contracted?

Fill out the application and make the payment, immediately you and your family will have all the services

From when my family in Mexico receives free medical attention and medicines?

Fill out the application and make the payment, immediately you and your family will have all the services

To whom can I give the benefit of the services of Abraham's hand?

To whom you decide as long as the corresponding payment is made

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